Meet us…

Hej everyone!  Occasionally we will post a “Meet Us Monday” picture and introduce you to someone on our board, staff or group of volunteers.   As much as I dislike pictures of myself, I figured we should start here with me.   So… even though it isn’t a Monday, here goes! I am Kellie, aka […]

November Tuesday Talk

Whether you are traveling to meet family or friends or they are coming to visit you, holidays can be stressful for anyone!  The stress and confusion can become even more so for our children when there is a communication barrier!  Tonight we will look at ways to prepare your child and ways to prepare your […]

Tuesday Talk – Deaf Awareness – how does it look for your child?

I’ve been remiss in posting.  Sorry about that!   It is Deaf Awareness Week now, and I am just getting to collating all the FB posts from the beginning of the month.   We talked about how we as families became aware of Deaf Culture, how we incorporate d/Deaf role models and peers into our […]